Cyber Tester


The following persons, many of whom we were happy to communicate in person with exerted a strong catalytic
influence on our understanding of computational process. Thanks for all them!

Sergei Abramov
Manuel Bronstein
James Davenport
John Fitch
Dominik Gruntz
Tudor Jebelean
Bernard Kutzler
Serge Meshveliani
Daniel Richardson
Anwar Shiekh
Erik Talvila
Stephen Wolfram
Victor Adamchik
Bruno Buchberger
Victor F. Edneral
Keith O. Geddes
Steve Hague
David J. Jeffrey
Alexander Letichevsky
Michael Monagan
Kelly Roach
Neil Soiffer
Vilmar Trevisan
Doron Zeilberger
Nikolai Bezrukov
Henri Cohen
Richard J. Fateman
Vladimir Gerdt
Leo P. Harten
Richard Jenks
Malcolm MacCallum
Stephen A. Orszag
Martin Roscheisen
David R. Stoutemyer
Michael Wester
Eugene V. Zima
Alexey Bocharov
George Collins
July C. Fishman
Gaston H. Gonnet
Anthony Hearn
Wolfgang Kuechlin
Oleg Marichev
Albert D. Rich
John Shackell
Anatoly Svidzinsky
Terry Winograd
Paul Zimmermann

Our special thanks come to Michael Wester whose A Critique of the Mathematical Abilities of CA Systems inspired us
to developing the presented approach and making this site.

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